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I'm like the worlds worst loser. Seriously. Just as well I won at Cluedo, Ker-Plunk, and Cranium last night then!

Normal 18 year olds would be out getting drunk and the like, me and my friends are sitting watching Scrubs and Bring It On and playing board games til 4 in the morning. Geeks, us? Never.

Then Steph and I had to sleep in the same bed because my sister never left a duvet for Steph. It was fine though. I stole all the covers, heh. 

I'm developing a definite Flaming Lips obsession, as well as a John Malkovich obsession. Thanks [profile] anamin. I need something to fill up the hole Doctor Who left! I got The Ressurection Casket and The Feast of the Drowned the other day on Spoken Word CD. So far I've been able to not listen to them yet. I don't know if I can go another 2 weeks til I'm on holiday though.

I went to see The Break Up on Tuesday with my mum. I can't believe I didn't know Vincent D'Onofrio was in it. I squee'd reeealy loudly when I saw him. The girl in front of me turned to give me a disapproving look. He was looking a little Full Metal Jacket than his usual self but I still love him to pieces. Now theres an obsession that's gathering dust on the shelf!

Now that I have 640 songs on my iTunes, pick a number and I shall tell you your song. Shamelessly stolen from [profile] dragonlp86
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